rental day = calendar day, last change: 12.03.15

MB Sprinter 316 - 9 seater with bed or dividing wall

Days Free Price
1 day 500 km free 140,00 EUR
2 days 1000 km free 280,00 EUR
3 days 1500 km free 420,00 EUR
4 days 2000 km free 560,00 EUR
Extension/day 0 km free 80,00 EUR
Extra kilometres   0,20 EUR

All prices includes 19% service tax and insurance with 1500,00 EUR liability limitation and third party insurance with 500,00 EUR personal excess liability .

Personal liability limitation to 1000,00 EUR

Days Rental Price/Day
Up to 14 days 10,00 EUR
Over 14 days 8,00 EUR
Over 30 days 6,00 EUR

Personal liability limitation to 500,00 EUR

Days Rental Price/Day
Up to 14 days 15,00 EUR
Over 14 days 11,00 EUR
Over 30 days 8,00 EUR

Winter Travel
Between October and Easter every vehicle is fully kitted out for winter free of charge

Snow Chain Hire
(professional quality and idiot proof fitting)
3,00 EUR/day a day (whether used or not)

Handling fee ticket
EUR 20,00

Payment conditions for first time customers

When picking up your vehicle:
- advance payment of full rental in cash
- advance payment of full rental by credit card (VISA and MASTER CARD)
- evidence of prepayment into our bank account

Your security deposit equals your insurance deductible - by cash or credit card or prepayment into our bank account. This security deposit will be refunded or recredited to your credit card account as soon as the final account is calculated and any collision damage agreed.

General Terms and Conditions

I. Vehicle Conditions / Repairs

  1. The customer is obliged to handle the vehicle with care and in a professional manner in order to adhere to all substantial regulations and technical rules of use. This includes checking whether the vehicle is in good driving condition as well as locking the vehicle properly to safeguard against theft. The driver in particular needs to regularly check the level of operating liquids (oil and water levels), refilling these as necessary, and to also check the air pressure of the tires.

    The costs for fuel and petroleum fall under the expense of the customer.
  2. Repairs during the leasing period may only be arranged with the lessor’s consent. The repair costs shall be borne by the lessor, provided that the lessee is not responsible for causing the damage. The liability limitation at the amount of the excess shall not apply in the case of mechanical damage caused by the person authorised to drive due to operating error. In this case, the lessee shall bear all ancillary damage costs (e.g. towing expenses, costs for loss of rent, replacement car costs, etc.).

    It is mandatory to determine the necessity of a repair with the rental authority and, when necessary, contact should be established with the rental authority via the emergency number:

    +49 (0)172 295 38 93

    In case repairs to the vehicle are needed, they may only be made after notification and consent from the rental authority has been acquired. The repair costs will be reimbursed by the rental authority following the submission of a proper invoice and accompanying receipts.

II. Reservations / Cancellations

  1. In principle, reservations are to be carried out in writing. If the customer does not pick up the vehicle within an hour at the latest after the time agreed upon, the reservation is no longer binding. Cancellations must be made in writing up to 21 days prior to the start of the rental period.

    For cancellations made within 21 days prior to the start of the rental period, two thirds of the rental fee will be charged to the customer unless the vehicle can be otherwise rented.

    A general processing fee of EUR 100,00 will apply for any cancellation made 21 days prior to the start of the rental period, with no further obligations on the part of the rental authority.

    The full rental price will be applied to cancellations within 7 days of the rental start date unless the lessor is able to otherwise rent out the vehicle.

    In each case, the tenant is free to prove lower damages.

III. Authorised Drivers

  1. Only those persons able to prove their legal minimum age as well as in possession of a valid driver's license are permitted to drive the vehicle or to pick up the car keys.

    The vehicle may only be driven by the persons named in the contract. These persons must be informed at the time of rental of the terms and conditions of vehicle rental operating use. Upon request, the customer is obliged to inform the rental authority of the names and addresses of all drivers identified in the vehicle rental agreement. For the selection of the driver, it is the responsibility of the customer to assure that the entitled driver is in possession of a valid driver's license, recognised throughout the territory of the FRG. The customer is required to stipulate all persons designated to drive at the time of rental and to do everything in his power to verify these necessary inquiries.
  2. The customer is required to care for the vehicle as if it were his own. As such, the driver is an auxiliary agent of the customer, despite his being vicariously referred by the rental authority.

IV. Prohibited Uses / Cancellation Rights

  1. The vehicle may only be used in public traffic. The vehicle may not be used:
    1.1 For driving instructions,
    1.2 For motor sporting purposes, particularly competitive driving events, at which the aim is to reach a maximum speed or at which reliability trials and speed testing are incorporated,
    1.3 For vehicle tests or driving safety training,
    1.4 For the commercial transport of passengers,
    1.5 For further rental or leasing to third parties not listed in the rental agreement or listed as stipulated drivers, 1.6 For committing any criminal offences or in violation of the provision of any legislation, order or regulation affecting the use, loading or condition of the vehicle, or for any other illegal purposes,
    1.7 For transporting highly inflammable, poisonous or otherwise dangerous substances,
    1.8 For towing and pushing other vehicles.
  2. The built-in bed may not be used at any time while the vehicle is being driven.
  3. The customer is obliged to safeguard any property placed within the vehicle, acknowledging that it is the risk of the customer and not of the rental authority. Furthermore, the rental authority is not responsible for any such property.
  4. In cases in which the terms of vehicle use is clearly in breach of the contract terms, or under such circumstances that a continuation of the rental contract would be unacceptable, or when conduct is contrary to the aforementioned obligations, the rental authority may cancel the contract without notice.

    The company reserves the right not to reimburse any costs incurred due to damages caused by reckless behaviour contrary to the terms agreed upon in the contract. The right to cancellation is particularly applicable during the rental period if damages accrue due to disagreements between the customer and the rental authority in regard to the non-clarification of substantial damage caused to the vehicle. If the customer substantially exceeds the sum total of deposit calculated at the time of the rental agreement and relevant to the kilometre mileage allowance, then he is obliged to immediately report this to the rental authority and to pay an additional deposit respectively.

    If the customer refrains from communicating this and/or refuses to accept the adjustment in the deposit fee, then the rental authority may cancel the contract with immediate effect and without notice.

    In all aforementioned cases of infringement, the cancellation of the contract can be executed without any prior warning. Upon request, the customer, or a third party advocating on behalf of the customer, is required to return the vehicle immediately to the rental authority.

V. Rental price

  1. If the vehicle is not returned to the same location at which it was rented, the customer is obliged to refund the rental authority for the return transportation costs, provided that no other written agreement has been reached in advance.
  2. The rental costs are generally in accordance with the current fees indicated on the HIGHWAY TIGER pricelist, the conditions for which are displayed in the office space of the rental authority or can be ascertained from the homepage of the rental authority:

    The rental fee does not include the costs for refuelling, gasoline, service charges as well as for delivery and pick-up fees. The prices can be obtained from the separate price list, where the terms of payment, protection and insurance services and deposit fees are also available. The rent, plus sales tax in accordance to the current legal amount is due at the beginning of the rental period. For longer bookings, package rates can be negotiated.

    All rental fees include the legal sales tax in accordance to the current legal amount as well as fully comprehensive insurance with an own contribution (personal excess liability) of EUR 1,500.00 and third party coverage excluding collision insurance with an own contribution (personal excess liability) of EUR 500,00. An own contribution (personal excess liability) of fully comprehensive insurance can vary and be reduced from EUR 1000,00 or EUR 500,00 according to the conditions of the current price list.

    In case of multiple damages incurred in a car accident during the rental period, the customer is subject to payment for his/her own insurance excess coverage. In the case of several accidents, the customer is subject to insurance excess coverage relative to each individual accident.

VI. Insurance

  1. The insurance coverage for the rented vehicle extends to legal liability insurance, covering injuries to persons and damages to property in the maximum amount of 8 million EUR per insured person. This is restricted to Europe.
  2. The vehicle is in accordance to the General Terms and Conditions for Motor Vehicle Insurance (Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen für den Kraftfahrversicherung - AKB) insured for liability. Exceptions from protection of this insurance ensue when the vehicle is used for the transport of dangerous substances for which a permit has not been obtained according to § 7 GefahrgutVstr.

    All insurance protection within the context of the rental contract is void, particular when an unauthorised driver uses the vehicle, or in the event of an accident when the driver of the vehicle is not in possession of the specified driver's license or when being charged according to the letter IX3.

VII. Accidents / Theft / Disclosure Obligation

  1. Following an accident, theft, fire, damage caused by game or other damage, the customer is required to immediately contact the rental authority and the police in order to report the damages. This also applies to insignificant damages and to accidents caused by their own fault without any involvement of third parties. If the police should refuse the acquisition of the accident data, the customer has to prove this to the rental authority.
  2. In the event of an accident, the customer is required to inform the rental authority in writing and without delay - at the latest within two days following the incident - of all the details surrounding the events leading up to the accident, by submitting vehicle documents and the accident report, in which all aspects are carefully and completely described.

    If the customer fails to notify the rental authority and /or the police, a fine in breach of contract equivalent to the value of damage caused to any third person, with the highest payment being EUR 500,00.

    The events of the accident needs to be reported either during or after business hours via the emergency telephone number 0172/29 53 893.

    Furthermore, when informing the rental authority directly after the accident about the damages caused, the customer also is required to inform the rental authority of the exact location, the cause of the accident, the damages incurred and the events leading up to the accident in writing as soon as possible.

VIII. Liability of the Rental authority

  1. The rental authority is liable in cases of malicious intention or gross negligence of the rental authority, a representative or an auxiliary agent according to legal regulations. For all others, the rental authority is liable only in cases of injury to life, body, health or culpable injury incurred due to a breach of essential contractual duties. The claim for damage compensation related as a result of the breach of contractual duties is limited to the contract for typical and foreseeable damages.
  2. The rental authority is not responsibility or liable for items which are left in the vehicle upon its return.

IX. Liability of the Customer

  1. In principle, the customer is liable for damages to the vehicle, loss of the vehicle, and for a breach in the rental contract according to the general liability regulations. In particular, the customer has to return the vehicle free of defect and in the same condition in which it was found at the time of pick-up.
  2. The tenant must in particular hand over the complete notification of damage to the landlord in good time. He must not have caused the damage by deliberate action or gross negligence. He must not have committed a hit and run. If an accident occurs he must involve the police. He must not make any false statements about the course of the accident.
  3. The customer and his auxiliary agents are unrestrictedly liable for violations of legal regulations, particularly traffic and procedural regulations throughout the rental period. The customer indemnifies the rental authority against all penalties and warning fines, charges and other costs claimed by the relevant authorities. The customer agrees to compensate the rental authority the amount of EUR 20.00, incl. value added tax for administrative expenses resulting from having to process authority enquiries, unless the customer can otherwise prove that the administrative costs and/or damages incurred were lower than this processing fee. The rental authority is entitled to claim further damages. The customer and/or auxiliary agents are unconditionally liable for all legal penalties incurred, in particular for road traffic violations and misdemeanours.
  4. Brake and operational damages as well as vehicle break downs are not considered to be damages incurred through an accident; this applies rather to damages which are particularly attributed to a slippage in the cargo load.
  5. In order to use the federal autobahn, the customer is responsible for providing prompt and complete payment for the cost of freeway tolls. The customer indemnifies the rental authority from all claims, charges, incl. surcharges on overdue payments and additional incidental claims, costs, penalties and warning fees that authorities and/or third parties would otherwise bill or attempt to collect from the rental authority due to delayed or incomplete payments for the toll.

X. Obligation to Return the Vehicle

  1. The rental period ends at the time agreed upon and can be extended within the context of the contract and with prior consent of the rental authority provided that the customer informs the rental authority of the extension three days prior to the expiration of the initially agreed upon rental period.
  2. The customer is obliged to return the vehicle to the rental authority upon expiry of the rental period at the arranged location during the usual business hours, which are available via bulletins in the rental offices of the rental authority.
  3. Special rates only apply to certain offered time periods. If a special rate is agreed upon for the extension of a rental time period, then the consent of the rental authority is required.
  4. Several customers can be made liable as joint debtors due to violations regarding the obligation to return the vehicle. The valid rental prices will be calculated until the day of return respectively.
  5. If the customer does not return the vehicle to the rental authority after expiry of the rental date initially agreed upon - regardless of the fault of the customer - then the rental authority is authorised to apply a user's fee for the extension beyond the rental time period of the contract duration in the amount of the previously agreed to rental costs.

XI. Cancellation Right

  1. The parties are authorised to cancel the rental contracts in accordance with legal regulations. The rental authority can cancel the rental contract without prior notice provided that the customer is behind in his payment for more than seven days, his pecuniary circumstances has deteriorated considerably or other important reasons abound.

    Such other reasons are primarily considered to be:

    - Non-redeemable automatic bank transfers/checks,
    - Claiming issues of compulsory execution measures against the customer,
    - Lack of care for the vehicle,
    - Improper and illegitimate use,
    - Contempt of the regulations in using motor vehicles for road haulage, and/or
    - The inappropriateness of continuing the rental contract, e.g. because of the too high estimate of losses due to damages.
  2. The rental authority reserves the right to cancel the rental contract if it is evident that there has been a breach in contract by the customer. If so, the customer is obliged to return the vehicle or the vehicles with vehicle papers, additional accessories and all vehicle keys without delay to the rental authority.

XII. Backward Driving and Reversing Manoeuvres

  • Driving backwards and making reversing manoeuvres may only be carried out with the help of a second person who is outside of the vehicle. If the customer fails to comply with this restriction the customer will be fully liable for all damages incurred to his own vehicle, all other vehicles and to third party property.


  • Upon termination of the rental contract, the customer irrevocably authorises the rental authority access to bill the credit card of the customer for all costs accrued in renting the vehicle and other claims incurred and identified in accordance with the rental contract or of those presented afterwards by the customer, or additionally identified.

XIV. Data Protection Clause

  1. The following personal data of the customer can be processed, stored, transmitted and used by the rental authority by means of computer software applications. This is valid with the exception of commercial purposes:

    - Name, address, e-mail address, fax and phone number, mobile telephone number, birth date of the customer, driver's license data, customer number,
    - Open claim that the rental authority has against the customer.

    Subjective values judgements, conditions surrounding personal income, and pecuniary circumstances are not stored.
  2. The allocation of personal data described under 1. may be passed on to the following persons or enterprises:

    - Credit card institutions
    - Lawyer's offices
    - Collection agencies
    - Vehicle manufacturers
    - All cooperating enterprises

    An allocation can only then may be made according to the Federal Data Protection Law, as long as this is required for the preservation of legitimate interests of the rental authority as described according to 2., describing persons and enterprises or the general public and through this, the protective interests of the customer are not impaired. This is particularly the case when:

    - The details given for the rental are inaccurate,
    - The rented vehicle is not returned within 24 hours after the possibly needed extension of the rental period,
    - Means of payment given by the customer, like checks, change, or credit cards are not redeemable or protest able,
    - The vehicle invoice is not paid, and/or
    - The rented vehicle is stolen or damaged.

XV. General Regulations

  1. In case of disputes over interpretations of the rental contact, the German text maintains authority and German law is applicable.
  2. The charge balance compared to the demands made by the rental authority is only possible with indisputable or legally binding demands made by the customer or an authorised driver.
  3. All rights and obligations from this agreement are valid in favour of and at the expense of the authorised driver.
  4. As long as and as far as nothing in this agreement is settled, the regulations of the German Insurance Contract Law (Versicherungsvertragsgesetzes) and the regulations of the General Conditions for the Motor Vehicle Insurance (Kraftfahrtversicherung - AKB 95) have to be applied correspondingly. This also applies to uncertainties in interpreting this agreement.

XVI. Legal Court of Law / In Writing

  1. Verbal arrangements are not effective.
  2. The court of jurisdiction, if such can be agreed, is Berlin.